Mire Engine

    Hi all first sorry for my bad english im are italian :)

    I want to present My Work.
    is Called Mire Engine

    Making Italia presents Mire Engine

    Mire are a new best Engine for creating your game Like, RPG and Other.

    Work on:
    Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, TvOS, OUYA, Play Station 4, Xbox One, Black Berry, Windows Phone and More...

    • Deferred 2d Lighting
    • Normal Mapping
    • Multi Audio Support ( midi, ogg, wav, mp3, mp4, wvm )
    • Scripting Engine
    • 2D Sun Shaft Light
    • Incredible Performance
    • Cross Platform
    • Easy to use
    • Full Customizable
    • Unlimited Tileset per Map
    • Dynamic IA NPC
    • Javascript Scripting Languague Supported
    • LUA Scripting Languague Supported

    Screen from Editor

    Dynamic Lighting whit Automatic Norma Map Generator

    Look the Wall, Reflect Light source and the floor

    More Screenshoot from Engine

    Event Creation and managment

    Integrated Javascript Editor

    Automatic Charaset Light Map Generator

    Like this

    Global Light ( Sun Light and Moon Lighting )

    Actually, Mire Engine are under development.

    When Mire are Completed this is are an official price

    First 6 month 50% sale

    10$ instead 20$ Basic Version
    50$ instead 100$ Pro Version

    Making Italia for Mire Engine find a beta tester for game production
    and give a free PRO Licence and Serial Key for the software.

    Need a Translator for English to Detush

    If anyone want to partecipate at Beta and work whit Making Italia
    have a free Serial Key and PRO Licence.

    For info, API, news and more


    I hope all like it :)