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Über mich
Über mich
  • Who am I? And if yes, how many?
    What is the answere? What if there isn't any?
    Is it one or two? And when does now begin?
    How long is temporary? And is standing here a sin?

    If nothing lasts forever? Say can I be nothing?
    And if forever ends, will we dance the pain away?
    Is this all there is, or is there more to it?
    And if I can't touch it, then who's space is it?

    If the answere is one, I know I want two!
    How can you tell me,
    you're not me and I'm not you?
    I mean really,
    If I was you and you were me,
    do you think things would be the way they are?

    Let's say, if I was a woman
    and you were a man.
    You would do things, that I don't understand
    You say "Boo Boo Boo" and I'd think "La La La".
    But maybe "Boo" meant to be "Ja" or just "Blah Blah Blah".
    Anyway, you say something, I think something else.
    There's nothing wrong with that, it's just the way it goes.
    Am I safer in first class, or am I ready to kill?
    If I was looking at you long enough, will time stand still?

    Is this it?
    What will I think when I'm breathing my last?
    Am I too slow, or is everything else too fast?
    If I'd know, that I'm going to live this long,
    I'd taken better care of myself my son.

    If nothing lasts forever, say can I be nothing?
    And if forever ends, will you still answere the phone?
    I for one know, if you don't laugh with yourself,
    this life would last so much longer than you like!

    Boom-Boom can you hear me?
    I'm calling out your name!
    Is there something out, who's listening,
    or are you busy, busy, busy?
    Boom-Boom can you hear me?
    I'm calling out for you!
    Knock knock knock is there someone in your head,
    I'm just thinking about you've said.
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